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(revised 9/20/2020)

Download CDT Mapbooks in PDF digital format   PDF versions of our printed books are now available which are suitable for printing your own maps.  The files have been optimized for installing on electronic devices as well.   


Each card consists of a micro-sd card and a regular sized SD card Adapter so it will work in both your laptop and your gps device. 

We also build custom SD cards for your hike which include tracks, waypoints, and maps.  We can custom program your GPS if you find all this too puzzling. 


Purchase Autoloaders and pre-loaded SD Cards, Custom programming, and installation data for Garmin GPS Receivers here


Free Stuff:
Download Waypoints for The Colorado Trail or the Continental Divide Trail Here

Looking for the Lost Silver Trail of Mexico data or guidebook?  (Click here)


If you do not have the needed software, hardware, or patience to program SD cards for your hike, we will do it for you.  If you have a GPS that will accept SD or Mini SD cards, then these preloaded cards will make it easy. Before ordering, you need to figure out how many waypoints your GPS will hold. If it has a 1000 waypoint limit, then be sure to order the appropriate cards.  If it has a 2,000 waypoint limit, then fewer cards are needed.  Cards are also available with POI's instead of waypoints.  The entire CDT database of over 7,000 waypoints will fit on a single card in POI format.      

Information on the capacities and specifications of various Garmin GPS receivers is here