These maps are provided in hopes of minimizing damage (and lost bikers) on the Cataract Ridge segment of The Colorado Trail.  The first two are the same as the second two but higher resolution.  If you have a good connection go for the good ones.  They are made to be printed with Windows picture and fax viewer.  Select Landscape under printer setup for Maps 1 and Portrait for Maps 2.  Easiest way to get the files is to click on the thumbnail to get the full image then right click on the image to save it on your computer.  

Click on the thumbnails to get the full image.


Cataract Bike 1 HR.jpg (2133348 bytes)         Cataract Bike 2 HR.jpg (1107204 bytes)        Cataract Bike 1.jpg (629671 bytes)        Cataract Bike 2.jpg (514742 bytes)

Map 1 High Res        Map 2 High Res        Map 1 Low Res    Map 2 Low Res


Have a great ride.  Please don't ride down the steep tundra hillside from mile 8.2 to mile 8.5. (red on the map)  It was a struggle getting this segment ok'd for bikes, and we could lose the privilege at the blink of an eye. (or the drag of a tire)  

The waypoints on the map correspond to those at:  They correspond with the ones in the Map Book available from the Colorado Trail Foundation.  The waypoints are in gps loadable format and cost $11.  The money is used to support this website you are visiting now.  

Finally, the continental divide is red on the maps.  That IS NOT THE TRAIL!  The trail is blue.  The mapped portion begins 5 miles past Carson Saddle.  The route before that follows the dotted CDTA line on the map.