Reproduction Jeep Decals


NOTICE!  Our printer no longer has the ability to make decals.  We are selling what we have in stock then closing this page.  As we run out of stock we will remove the buttons for selecting patterns.  


International Orders 

We are no longer offering International sales.  The cost of shipping via a reliable method has caused this change.  




    Pattern 001    T90/T86/T14A - Spicer 18 with single stick shifter.  CJ5, CJ6    $15

Sold Out

    Pattern 002     T90/T86/T14A - Spicer 18 with Twin Stick Shifter.  , early CJ5, CJ6   $15

    Pattern 003   T98 (Rare in some stock CJ5, CJ6) - T18 4-speed + single stick.    Popular conversion.  $15

    Pattern 003A  4Speed Reverse Down  + single stick.    $20

    Pattern 004    T98 (Rare OEM option), T-18 4-speed + Twin stick.   CJ5, CJ6.  Popular conversion.  $20


   Pattern 005    3 Speed Dana 20  CJ5, CJ6 72-79   Special Order  $20


    Pattern 006    SM420 - Dana 20   $20

    Pattern 007    SM420 - Twin stick conversion.  Very popular conversion.  $20

    Pattern 010  NP435 Transmission mated to a Dana 300 Twin Stick.   $20


    Pattern 012  T18 Dana 20 Combination.   $20


  Pattern 012A  T18 Dana 20 Combination.  Like Pattern 12 with reverse down.   $20

Sold Out

    Pattern 013 T18 Dana 300 Combination. $20 



    Pattern 018 CJ7 - T5  Dana 300 5-Speed Combination.  $20 


    Pattern 020 CJ5,7 - T18  Twin Stick Rev Down.   $20 


   Pattern 021 T10 Twin Stick.   $20 


   Pattern 022 3 Speed Dana 300   $20 

   Pattern 023 3 Speed Auto Twin Stick   $20 


   Pattern 024 3 Speed Auto Single Stick  $20 

   Pattern 024A 3 Speed Auto Dana 20  $20 

   Pattern 026 3 Speed Auto Manual Single Stick   $20 

   Pattern 027 3 Speed Auto Single Manual Twin Stick   $20 

   Pattern 028 3 Speed Auto D300 Twin  $20 

Sold Out

    Pattern 030 Jeepster T400 3 Speed Auto Dana 20 with unique U shift pattern.  $20 

   Pattern 031 3 Speed Auto Single Manual D300 Twin   $20 


    Pattern 014  Warning sticker for patterns 10 and 13.  $12

                 Pattern 008     Generic shift pattern matching Jeep colors.  Correct Pattern for WARN,  HUSKY, and  SATURN overdrives commonly installed on  CJ2, CJ3, CJ5, CJ6 prior to 1972.   This is a custom sticker and not an original OEM design. $12


    Pattern 009 Dauntless V6 Valve Cover Decals - also used on oil bath air cleaners - $14 each - two required. $14.00


   Pattern 011  Air Cleaner decal used with a few Jeeps that had dry element air cleaner.  If you have a oil bath air cleaner this won't fit - pattern 9 should be used instead.  Black print on chrome background decal.  The chrome doesn't show well on the scan, but it is very shiny.   $14.00

   Pattern 032  Heater decal        Size is .75" X 2.875"   $14.00

    Pattern 015  Tailgate decal. Black  $12.00


                                                      Pattern 016  Tailgate Decal. White $12.00




TIMING Decals:


These decals were used with the Dauntless V6 engine from 1967-71 until the AMC motors were put in use.  They are affixed under the hood to the shroud in front of the radiator and measure 2-3/4" X 5-3/4".  The date in the "Applicable to 1970 Model Year New Motor Vehicles" line is the only difference between the years - the number for the year will change.  Send me an e-mail and let me know which year you want.  Like the VIN stickers, these are expensive to make so get it right.   $27.00

                                                      Timing Decal $27.00  (Special Order - no refunds)


VIN Stickers

Note: Jeep used a wide variety of VIN designs.   The original VIN decals were printed blank then filled out by Jeep with a special typewriter.  Our decals are made with the VIN info in a single printing process.  The numbers are regular and clear, where they were sometimes crude and irregular on the originals. There are no refunds on VIN's. What you see is what you get.   Study the images carefully before ordering.  

Be sure you have selected the right size / pattern before you order.  After you order, send a e-mail with the details that apply to your decal.  Please use the same e-mail address that is used by Paypal.  The orders are organized by e-mail, so being consistent helps. 

Important:  When you send your e-mail with the information, the VIN number and other information MUST be included in the text of the e-mail.  A photo of the old sticker is NOT acceptable by itself.  We directly cut and paste the VIN number from your e-mail to be certain that no errors are made in retyping the information.  Email the information to:

This is the information that is required:

Pattern style. (A,B,C,D,E, or F)
Month and year of manufacture 
If no month is specified, we will use January.
VIN number
Weight data if different than that shown in the illustrations.  If no weight data is submitted,
 the illustrated weights will be used.



     Pattern 17  Size 2.25" X 6" reproduction of Jeep dashboard VIN sticker.  You furnish the VIN number and date of manufacture, and we will produce a new NOS replica VIN decal to replace the one that's gone or damaged.   Pattern "A"  

     Later Version, adopted after AMC bought out Jeep in 1970.  Kaiser name has been dropped and the size of the decal  remained the same at first, then was shrunk down to 1.5" X 4.5"  sometime in 1970.  Pattern "B" is 2.25" X 6".  Pattern "C" is 1.7" X 4.5".

This version began in 1972 and continued for several years.  There were several slight variations but this is the one we use. It measures 1.7" X 4.5" and had vehicle weight information added.  Pattern "D"  The weights varied some from model to model - when you send your VIN info let us know if you want different weights.


This pattern showed up also in the 70's.  It is identical to pattern "D" but the word "Corporation" is in bold letters instead of italics.   Pattern "E". (Color is the same yellow as above - this is a picture of the proof used in printing)  

This one was used briefly in some Jeepster Models.  It is 1.7" X 4.5"   Pattern "F"   (Color is the same yellow as above - this is a picture of the proof used in printing)  

AMC bought out Jeep in 1969 and began making design changes in 1971.  They also started using their own VIN decals.  There were quite a few variations in these decals, but they looked very similar.  There was a decal for Jeeps made in Canada and a different one for those made in the USA. Some had straight corners and others had rounded corners.  We have made two decals for these vehicles.  they are both 4.25" X 2.5"  The background color is a very light grey.


          USA Version.   Pattern 17USA                                                            Canadian Version  Pattern 17C

If you order one of these I need to receive a e-mail with the following information as it pertains to your vehicle:

Month and Year of manufacture.   This can be in the form 8 78  or AUG. 1978 - I've seen both.
VIN Number
GVWR: 3750 or 4100  (or whatever)
FRT: 2000   (I've only seen 2000, but there may be different ones)
GAWR. RR: 2450 or 2700
MAX. COLD TIRE PRESSURE: 32 or 24 or 35
Tire size: 8.0 X 15 or H78-15 or 9-15LT
RIM SIZE: 600 X 15JJ or 550 X1 5 or 8.0 X 15

Be sure you have selected the right size / pattern before you order.  After you order, send a e-mail detailing the date of manufacture, VIN number, and which pattern (A,B,C,D,E, F,USA, or Canada) that you want.  If no month is specified, we will use January.     

  $32.00   Special Order    (Absolutely no refunds - be sure of what you order)


We try to keep an inventory of most of the decals listed.  Those orders are generally filled within 48 hours.    

VIN and special order patterns may take considerable processing time.  We order when we have several new orders - the print shop has to have several in order to justify a run. Special orders are ordinarily placed about every 2 weeks.  The print shop can take up to 4-6 weeks to produce the decals, so it is possible that a wait of two months could occur. (Usually less, but that is possible.)  Please be patient. 





Sorry, but I have had so many problems dealing with checks and money orders that I will only accept payment via PayPal.